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James McGinty – Keynote Speaker

Short Showreel with clips from multiple events
James McGinty – Mister Wonderful

Below you can see outlines of 3 of my most popular keynotes.
While these are all informative and educational, they are also entertaining.

I won the award of Britain’s funniest speaker, and use the skills developed in winning that, against a field of around 600 entrants, to make sure that delegates remain engaged throughout the presentation and come away with new found knowledge that they can put to practical use.

The key to a successful business

How good are your communication skills?
Do people act on what you say?
When your message is passed from one person to another, is it still the same message or does it become diluted?
Clear, simple and effective communication separates the good from the great.

In this keynote, you will learn how to:

Construct a clear, unambiguous message.
Choose the right words.
Appeal to all types of people.
Use simple but effective, rhetorical devices.
Inspire and motivate with stories.

Get your message remembered.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

People buy from people they, know, like and trust.

The best way to get people to know you is through a well told story.
The best way to get people to like you  is through an entertaining story.
The best way to get people to trust you is through a story that shows you care.

In this keynote, you will learn how to:

Find the right story.
Structure your story.
Make your story entertaining.
Connect with the audience by adding emotion to your story.
Use stories to demonstrate how your product or service will solve a problem for your audience.

The more you give, the more you get

“Keep your cards close to your chest” used to be the business model for success, hide everything in case your competitors see what you are doing and copy you. Times have changed and people want to do business in an open and transparent manner.
“All cards on the table” is now the way to do business.

In this keynote, you will learn how to:

Stop fearing the competition.
Give something away and still sell it.
Let the competition copy you and still beat them.
Generate customer loyalty.
Increase revenue with a “freemium” model.
Give without expecting a return.

If you do want to book me for a keynote speech please call me +44 7785 933 309 or use the contact form