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James McGinty – Multi Award Winning International Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Speech Writer and Author

James Speaking at TEDx Portobello

I have been involved in Public Speaking, for over 30 years.  For me its not just a profession its a major part of my lifestyle.

My first introduction to Public Speaking was through a local speakers club, where I also discovered competitive speaking and went on to win several (over 100) trophies including The UK Speaking Championship and Britains Funniest Speaker.

Competitive speaking helps me to hone my skills so that I can pass them along to clients, by way of quality coaching and international standard professional keynotes.

As well as my speaking skills, I have a huge variety of life skills which help me relate to just about every imaginable situation. I can use all my skills and experience to craft just the right keynote for your event.

Just for fun I have added a list of some of the jobs I have done over the years.

Landscape Gardener
Shop Assistant
Warehouse Worker
Farm Hand
Grouse Beater
Heather Burner

Telecoms Engineer
Metal worker
Social Worker
College Lecturer
IT Trainer
IT Manager
IT Director
Business Consultant
Office Manager

Area Manager
District Manager
IT Site Engineer
Help Desk Engineer
Help Desk Manager
Telephone System Installer
Network Engineer
Project Manager
Bar Tender

These jobs have taken me to Europe, Africa and the USA and given me so much experience and so many tales to tell.

I have several hobbies from the mundane reading, watching films and listening to music to the more unusual hill walking and Amateur Radio (Combined). I hold a ships radio licence and a powerboating certificate and due to an unfortunate change of circumstances, I learned how to fly a plane, but not land one.

Stand up comedy, both watching and performing, is one of my favourite things. I have gigged in front of audiences from as little as 2 people up to a full theatre of almost 1,000 people.

If you like what you see why not get in touch via the contact page or call me +44 7785 933 309