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What do you get from a quality Keynote Speaker?

Having a great Keynote Speaker at your event, does more than just give your audience someone to listen to. A great Keynote Speaker will educate, inspire and entertain your audience. People engage and learn better when they are having fun.

Having a great humorous Keynote Speaker at the start of your event or conference will set the tone and put your delegates into the right frame of mind, so that they will engage with the rest of the conference.

Having a great humorous Keynote Speaker part way through your conference or event, will revitalise the audience, remind them that they are there to learn as well as having fun.

Having a great humorous Keynote Speaker at the end of your event or conference will reinforce the content received throughout and have the delegates gong back to their place of business feeling happy, invigorated and full of praise for the event.

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Communication – The Key to a Successful Business

I specialise in producing customised, story based, humorous keynotes that show your organization in the best possible light. I work with you to make sure I deliver exactly the message you want the delegates to receive.

Sometimes you are just too busy with other aspects of the conference and are looking for something “off the shelf”. I have several keynotes that should fit the bill. Include my latest – The Power of Stories, which demonstrates how stories can be used to increase sales or improve employee engagement.

If you want more information or want to book me for a keynote speech please call me +44 7785 933 309 or use the contact form