Britain's Funniest Speaker, Presenter, and Facilitator


My name is James McGinty. I am a multi award winning speaker and have been involved in Public Speaking and training for over 25 years.  Having recently won the UK and Ireland Humorous Speaking Championship, I am now officially Britain’s funniest speaker.

My clients have include people from all walks of life from the sole trader, right up to senior managers and directors of some of the UK’s top companies.
I have coached individuals to give an expert elevator pitch, trained groups of managers to present to their workforce, helped politicians to hone their speeches and deliver them with power and presence.

I work worldwide and can travel to any destination or provide remote assistance via phone Skype or email.

James’s Recent Blog Posts

Learn from one of the top Key Note speakers in the industry.

Web Presence

James McGinty - Mister Wonderful This is my first blog post in a long time.  I am actually making the post as part of a training session I am delivering about web presence for the Association of Speakers Clubs, who specialise in training people in Public Speaking...

How do you treat your suppliers?

Do you treat your suppliers the same way that you treat your employees? For many companies, suppliers are used like a fire and forget missile.  They are given a brief and a target and left to get on with it. Take parcel delivery.  If you are not in the mail order...

Casual Communication

Do you always think really deeply before you communicate an idea? In every day conversation, we don’t always have time for deep thought.   Consequently a lot of what we say, while on message, can be quite weak and diluted. I was recently carrying out some consultancy...