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If you are going to give – GIVE

Nurturing Idea - Raindrops Falling on Sprout Growing on Hand

I am a great believer in giving.  If you are prepared to give, without expectation of reward, then your business and your wealth will blossom.

Many people in business give artificially.  They offer something free, or at a reduced rate, just to attract prospects and turn them into customers.  There isn’t anything really wrong with that, but it often means that from the moment of making the offer, the customer is subjected to a powerful sales process and if they are persuaded to become a customer it can lead to buyer’s remorse. 

There is nothing worse than an unhappy customer.

One unhappy customer can lose you many prospects.  One prospect that you failed to convert is unlikely to do you any harm.

I have given many initial free coaching sessions that led to future business, either directly or indirectly.  I have given a few free coaching sessions that haven’t led to business but that have got me referrals.  I have given a few coaching sessions that led to nothing tangible.

All of those sessions have led to an increase in my reputation and recognition and will lead, either directly or indirectly, to future business. 

The important point is that if I don’t get business from a free coaching session, I know it is because my service wasn’t right for that prospect at that time and I accept that sometimes that is just how it is.

If you have a giveaway model, is it authentic?  Are you giving because it showcases your product or service, or are you giving just to engage a prospect in a sales process?

If you are going to give – GIVE