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Who listens?

James McGinty HeadshotDoes everyone listen to what you have to say?

The answer to that question is a very emphatic no. It doesn’t matter how interesting or appealing your message is, there will always be some people that don’t pay hear you. Once you accept that as fact then your focus can be on getting as many people as possible to pay attention to your message.

Most people won’t buy from a company until the 4th or 5th contact, the same is true of business communication, most people won’t pay attention to a new message until they see or hear it for the 4th or 5th time.

If you want a message to be acted on, make sure everyone is exposed to it at least 4 times.

Put it in a meeting agenda.
Discuss it at the meeting
Make sure it is clear in the minutes (and that everyone reads them)
After the minutes are produced send round an email thanking everyone for taking the new message on board. (Even if they haven’t yet)

Familiarity only breeds contempt in certain circumstances. Most of the time familiarity actually breeds compliance. The more you expose people to your message the more likely they will act on it.
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