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You Scratch My Back…

Bear ScratchingHave you ever had one of those terrible itches that you just couldn’t scratch? The one that you get ¾ of the way up your back right in the middle.

I had one of those last week. I tried to get it with each hand from above, below and round the side but I was always just a millimetre or two short.

Slinking down in the chair and rubbing the itchy bit on the chair back offered some relief but it wasn’t as good as a proper scratch.

I even tried doing my impression of Baloo, the bear from the jungle book. I had to make do with a door post rather than a palm tree.

Although it was more effective than the chair back it didn’t relieve the itch properly.

Eventually my wife asked where the itch was and with some left a bit, down a bit, up a bit she eventually hit the spot. You can’t beat a proper scratch to clear that itch and if you can’t get to it yourself – outsource.

How many of us struggle in business, especially sole traders and really small businesses, trying to do everything on our own, when it would be so much easier to get someone else to scratch that itch.

If more of us outsourced the things we can’t do because we don’t have time or we don’t really have the knowledge, then there would be more business for everyone, including us.

Small businesses outsourcing to other small businesses is just an extended form of networking and will eventually bring more business in return.


It really is a case of “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.