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I can do it cheaper

Fifty Percent Off Calculator Meaning Half-Price Promotions

I was reading restaurant reviews prior to going out for a meal.  One comment said.  “The restaurant has a great vibe and the food is delicious, but overpriced.  I could make it at home for half the price.”

I have 2 issues with that statement.  The first is that a  restaurant would need to be really cheap if you could do it for half the price.  I can make most meals at a lot less than quarter the price that a restaurant charges

The second and main issue is, if you are going to eat out should price even be an issue?  I eat out for the experience and for the opportunity to choose meals that I wouldn’t normally eat.  There are a huge variety of restaurants to choose from, some, like the big burger chains, can produce a meal nearly as cheaply as I can at home, others are out of my price range for all but the most special of occasions, not because I can afford it but because the pricing keeps it special.  So when I eat out I look at  what outlets are available and choose the one that fits my budget and the occasion.

Most good restaurants probably use ingredients that I don’t even have in my kitchen, so without a, potentially expensive, shopping trip I can’t really replicate the dining out experience of a good restaurant and that is how it should be.

It’s the same with my business. I could do my web site cheaper myself, but it wouldn’t be as good.  I could design my own logo, but it wouldn’t be as good.  I could take my own photos with a smart phone, but they wouldn’t be as good.

On the other hand,  I could pay someone to write my presentations, but they wouldn’t be as good.

If you are not an expert, pay someone who is.  Of course you can do it cheaper, it just won’t be as good.

Find your expertise and focus on that.  Other people will pay handsomely for it. 



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