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It’s all about the effort

Effort is what makes things look effortless.

EffortIn a previous, I talked about near enough being good enough and in most cases this is true.

When you are presenting at a company meeting, or a public event, you certainly have to do the work to make that presentation excellent.

It is seldom worthwhile spending hours agonising over tiny details.

However if you want to ‘be the best’ it does require effort.

It is often said that it takes 10 years or 10,000 hours to become a master at anything, from playing a musical instrument or reaching the top level in a sport

Even when mastery is achieved high performers don’t stop practicing.  Great Musicians play every day, world class sports people train every day.

The best presenters practice every day as well.  They may not stand at a lectern or walk a stage every day, but they will be writing, or reviewing a previous performance.  According to his private secretary, Winston Churchill would invest one hour of preparation for every minute of speech delivery.

How much effort do you put into your speeches when you want them to be great?  A 45 minute keynote speech should take 45 or more hours to prepare.  Many business presentation skills experts say that you should spend an hour on each slide in your presentation, so if you have 10 slides in your presentation you will need another 10 hours.

What about the technology.  Have you made sure your slide advance remote is working and that you have spare batteries.  Have you checked with the venue to make sure they have a projector and a backup?

Have you checked and double checked your travel plans and accommodation?  All these little things are just part of the overall effort

If you want to achieve a high level, where your presentation is so finely honed that it looks easy and natural, you have to put in the work.

It really is effort that makes it look effortless.